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Emer O'Siochru


Architect, Artist, Farmer, Grandmother. Chair of 'Ranelagh Arts' Ltd, a Community Charity supporting Arts and Culture in Dublin 6. Part-time organic farmer of native cattle in Tipperary. Working with the 'Irish Biochar Co-operative' to promote biochar as mechanism to reduce GHGs, increase biodiversity and rural incomes. Researching close-to-nature farming and forestry co-operative/land trust. Vice President of the International Union (for Land Value Taxation). Member of the Solid Network building an economy based on cooperation and solidarity.

Specialties: Registered Architect. Valuation Surveyor (Development and Planning). Sustainable Taxation i.e. charging for the use of natural and social commons to protect the planet, provide liveable settlements, affordable homes and guaranteed incomes. Money systems i.e. MMT and mutual credit. Public Purpose Banks. Sustainable Urban Development i.e Community Land Trusts. Distributed RE including farm based pyrolysis of biomass waste and anaerobic digestion of organic wastes.

Emer O'Siochru
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