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For the Co-operative and Solidarity Economy in Ireland

Feeding Ourselves Gathering 2023

Join us in person or online

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March

Location: WeCreate Workspace, Cloughjordan Community Farm, Cloughjordan Ecovillage

For 12 years agroecological farmers and workers, community food and environmental advocates, organisations and people involved in food cooperatives, fair food systems, and rural regeneration have come together in Cloughjordan to explore a regenerative and more resilient way to nourish the land and feed ourselves.

This gathering is designed to facilitate community learning and movement building. It will be an opportunity to celebrate and connect to nature, food and community, to learn more about practising food sovereignty, seed sovereignty, agroecology, and community-supported local

food systems.

What is Feeding Ourselves?

Feeding Ourselves is a space of solidarity, to listen to each other, to understand and help amplify each other’s work, to contribute to the practices and policies needed to restore our fragile ecosystems and explore the mechanisms for a deep and genuine just transition in farming, food and land use.

Our weekend together also includes food, music, practical workshops, thematic tours, walks and talks. Break out conversations on CSAs, Diversity in Agriculture, Policy Testing, Seeds Food Hubs and Soil and Biodiversity.

Now is a critical time to connect up with each other again! From seeds to soil, from community food facilities to local food economies – lets meet, greet, learn, network, celebrate nature and community, and move us towards a just and resilient local food future.

Places are limited, booking is essential. Accommodation is very limited in Cloughjordan – Camper Vans are an option.

The full programme with options for both days with the speaker, themes and options at this years Feeding Ourselves can be found below. Or download it here!


SATURDAY 25th March

10.00 – Voices from the field: Breakfast session sharing stories of where we are at and a facilitated discussion on emerging practice.

11.30 – Feeding Ourselves. Growing a stronger movement Where are we at? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? Strengthening the solidarity food movement on the island and supporting a regenerative and more resilient way to nourish the land and feed ourselves

14.00 – Break out sessions

  • Community Supported Agriculture

  • Diversity in Agriculture

  • Policy Weaving – agri-food rural, environmental

  • Textiles from seed to fibre

  • Digitalisation – OFN Platform

  • Soil and Biodiversity – findings from research

15.30 – Connecting with Europe – A blended session held with Forum Synergies, with online participants joining from across Europe. With Short Stories from the book ‘Rural Europe Takes Action – No More Business as Usual’.

  • Balkan Seeds Network – The story of a network of scientists and seed savers’ organisations tapping into the rich biodiversity and agricultural heritage of South Eastern Europe to stimulate resilient food systems.

  • Plessé – Faced with the urgent threat of encroaching mega farms, the municipality of Plessé in France decided to take agricultural affairs into their own hands.

  • Food Hubs – Food hubs have emerged as a successful model to promote the aggregation, value addition, distribution, and marketing of local food. Women in Agriculture – Envisioning what gender equality looks like in agriculture and how inequality prevents women bringing their perspective and experience to the discussion, design and implementation of all things food, farming and rural living.

Register here to virtually participate in the webinar!

16.45 – Rural Ireland takes Action

Four north Tipperary farmers diversifying, driven by environmental care, share their stories.

  • Sean O Farrell (beef, poultry, pork, biodiversity, education, social farming)

  • Mimi Crawford (dairy, poultry, pork; regenerative agriculture and dairy direct selling)

  • Ailbhe Gerard (sheep, forestry, honey, education/climate action)

  • Maurice Deacy (cereals, heritage grains, on-farm brewery)

Final Reflections

ARC2020, the European platform for organisations working together for good food, good farming and better rural policies. Share insights and reflections from the first day.

Saturday Evening

19.00 – SpeakEATsy – Join us for the evening extravaganza that is the one and only SpeakEATsy, a unique evening of live music, poetry, amazing food, a compelling conversation and DJs to finish. Here you’ll gain a peak of that. Not enough? Have another one!

SUNDAY 26th March

Four strands of activity over the day, all starting and ending together.

10.00 – Breakfast Check In

11.15 – 4 Options

  • STRAND 1 – Just Transition Deep listening to farmers and their concerns, in a context of targets for GHG emissions reductions and other environmental legislation.

  • STRAND 2 – Food Hubs in the Rural Economy and their role in the Just Transition

  • STRAND 3 – Seeds and natural dyes workshop and photo exhibition with Seeds4all and Irish partners

  • STRAND 4 – Intro to syntropic agroforestry

13.00 – Lunch

14.00 – 4 Options

  • STRAND 1 – Another Rural Is Possible. Policy check-in – Talamh Beo, Environmental Pillar and others present policy ideas for feedback

  • STRAND 2 – What is next for the Feeding Ourselves Network.

  • STRAND 3 – Community Seed Banks with Kevin Dudley

  • STRAND 4 – A RED Gardens Experience with Bruce Darrell

15.30 – Feeding Ourselves Final Session – Weaving it all together

16.30 – Farm Visits – Options on the way home

Saturday 19.00 – SpeakEATsy

Join us for the evening extravaganza that is the one and only SpeakEATsy, a unique evening of live music, poetry, amazing food, a compelling conversation and DJs to finish. Here you’ll gain a peak of that. Not enough? Have another one!

“We want to give people an engaging, quite immersive experience, where incredible, very local food, provocative ideas and compelling conversations, artistic meanders and music to dance to, all come together to create a full evening out. The ideas we explore do surf on the edge of how we grapple with the huge social and environmental challenges we face. But we also think deeply about how to engage more people in this epic ecological journey. And we do so with an Emma Goldman sensibility – ours is a dancing revolution, but one with great food too.” Oliver Moore

More about us

Feeding Ourselves is a Community of Practice for regenerative, community-led & cooperative local food initiatives, facilitating capacity building and peer support while strengthening a solidarity food movement on the island of Ireland. From November 2022 to March 2023, Feeding Ourselves will host a series of in-person and online events, workshops and trainings. Subscribe to our e-bulletin to keep up to date on our events and activities

Feeding Ourselves (The Open Training Network) is coordinated by Cloughjordan Community Farm, Open Food Network Ireland and SolidNetwork, it is supported by The Wheel’s Training Links Programme. ​

Our Network Members are - Cloughjordan Community Farm CLG, SolidNetwork, Open Food Network Ireland, Talamh Beo, Dublin Food Coop, Urban Co-op Limerick, East Clare Community Co-Operative Society Ltd, Green Restoration Ireland Co-operative Society Ltd, Cultivate - Sustainable Ireland Cooperative Society Ireland Ltd., Irish Seed Savers Association, Sustainable Projects Ireland Ltd., CSA Network of Ireland, Sonairte National Ecology Centre CLG, Donegal Food Growers Network, Roscommon Producer Network, Irish Regenerative Land Trust, Doon Social Farm, Belfast Food Co-op, Trinity Co-op, Cooperative Alternatives.


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